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Dear Friends,

Feel sorry been late in conveying my good wishes to you and your loving families on account of auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. In fact, there was some technical snag in the internet.

So auspicious an occasion of Raksha Bandhan reminds the brother about his religious obligation towards his sister. He takes solemn pledge to safeguard the honour of his sister as part of his family obligation. On the other hand, sisters take pray Almighty to bless his loving brother with good health, prosperity and peace of mind within the family and at his individual level.

It is a well known fact that when it comes to unconditional love, it never knows religious boundaries. Stories abound when a Hindu girl from Rajput clan tied the sacred knot to Akbar the Great and at the same time muslim girl to Maharana Pratap from Rajasthan. This is the beauty of this sacred festival.

May this festival of "tying the sacred knot" continue to be celebrated not only within India but wherever our brother and sister live across the World cutting across the boundaries.

My good wishes once again to each member of this lively site.


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