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Those who run into bad portfolio in past for one reason or another can have it reviewed or restructured on

A. Calling at Mob: 08813013300
B. Writing at Email: tilak22b@gmail.com

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The following is the updation (in brief) on the stocks :smile:

SMS Pharma
By and large it has maintained its top line for June 2016 when compared with Mar 2016. As for bottom line, it has clocked NP of 9 crore against 12 crore for Mar 2016. Hold for med to long term.

Granules India
It has improved upon its sales for June 2016 when compared with Mar 2016 It has clocked NP of over #5 crore Against 33 crore for Mar 2016.

On annualized basis (Mar 16 Vs Mar 15) it has performed well 1248 crore Vs 1359 (Mar 16).

Hold for med to long term without any reservation provided one masters patience.

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