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Dear Friends,

Good morning. Sorry, am late today in catching up with you since I was out of station yesterday and return only few hours ago.

There are lingering concerns as to what would be the fate of market in the following few days when the Brexit issue is looming large not only on our markets but across the world market.

My views in brief are :neutral:

1. With one of our member in UK who spoke to me yesterday he assured me that the common man in UK likes to continue with the EU than parting ways.

2. If UK continues with EU, Indian and global market shall have major sigh of relief and shall be adding to their numbers ; both sensex and Nifty in Indian context.

3. Should the developments are on the contrary, Indian markets including other markets shall have short term effect extending few days ; the effect would not last for too long.

4. Even if market goes for correction it would an opportunity to go for bright spots at corrected price. In other words, each developing situation in the market should be accept in the positive mood (as a serious investor) since overall, Indian economy is right on the track and poised for growth when compared with other economy. This is also to be seen in relation to ChinA (its economy in the recovery mode) and USA (not so good if Fed rate hike delay is any indication)

Suggestion :neutral: :
It would be advisable (though each member is independent to take individual decision) to hold guns than getting panicked.



  • Yes Sir, Agree with you. It is even difficult path for Britain to move out of Euro. The feedback we have received is also same as you have mentioned. Most likely Brita "IN" not exit.

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